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Let Bob and Rick Rosendahl teach you how to effectively use your Router in the shop to create beautiful projects for your friends and family!
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Over 75 hours of video material!

With your membership to RouterWorkshop.net you will gain access to the private member area where each week a new episode of the RouterWorkshop will be released to you. There is a total of 183 episodes in the entire Router Workshop series, all of which are included in your RouterWorkshop.net membership!

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From the moment you complete payment for your membership, you will recieve a welcome email. You can then proceed to log into your account and view your first episode of the Router Workshop.

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You can watch the Router Workshop from your internet connection anywhere in your house, all that is required is an internet connection and a computer.

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A RouterWorkshop.net membership is very affordable, currently it’s set at $2.48 per episode for a total of $9.95 a month!

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Every week you will be released another episode from the Router Workshop video series. Each episode will discuss tips and techniques on how to use the Router in the workshop.

Professional router knowledge!

The material provided by Router Workshop is from Bob and Rick Rosendahl, TV stars of the PBS television series the Router Workshop. Combined Bob and Rick have over 60 years of experience in woodworking and the router. With the Router Workshop video series you will gain access to all the knowledge that Bob and Rick have to share about crafting beautiful projects for your friends and family!

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