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Craft Show Resources

In this section I am going to host my thoughts, articles, dynamic calculators and software that can be used to help you launch your very own Craft Show Booth Presence.

Product 1 Custom Painted Boxes:

Custom Paint Boxes is my first product designed for the Craft Show. What is included in this product.

1) The PDF plan and TRW Video Episode 103 used to describe the construction details of the Custom Paint Boxes. This PDF goes through all necessary details based upon one box size. To create your personal custom sizes and out put the custom materials lists follow this link to the free box calculator.

a) The PDF Plan with the detailed instruction on how to build the Paint Boxes.

b) The 27 minute How To video of Bob and Rick making the magic box.

c) A series of email discussing the following:

  • What makes your Painted Box a hot seller?
  • How do you understand your customer’s needs?
  • Not sure this is the way to go yet!
  • Product cost and accepting money at the show,
  • Booth Set Up and My Offer

To sign up to this product follow this link.


Product Two, Play with Pictures graphic Software,

This is by far the best graphic cut out software I have found on the Internet. This program can extract people, animals or items out of one photo and place them in another background very easily. This makes this software a must have product in the creation of the Custom Paint Boxes.

This program is designed to work as a five step process.

1) Load your custom canvas background into the program,

2) Load the family photo and remove a person or a group of people out of the background of a family photo.

3) Insert one or more cut out photos into the custom canvas background.

4) Add your custom text, bullet points and speech bubbles,

5) Save the project and print the color decal.

That’s it you’re done!!! You now have a custom digital graphic decal ready for your paint boxes in minutes with little effort. Watch the How To Video below.


To download the evaluation copy of the software follow this link.

To purchase your license key at a 15% off retail price of $39.95 US click the buy now button below.


Managing your Orders…

Well we have been talking about the many aspects of the Custom Painted Boxes but we really have talked about the methods of creating the graphics and making the box inventory. Today how about we talk about the logistics of creating the graphics. How do you keep track of the orders?

Each Painted Box has the following differences.

  • What size is the box?
  • What color is the box?
  • What kind of graphic background is being used? and
  • Who and where are the digitized family photos?

So how do you keep track of all your customers and their respective orders. I found this neat little program called, Task_Coach_Portable. This program is fairly easy to use and can be hosted on a USB flash drive. Having all your graphic jobs on one USB flash drive allows you to use your list management system on any host computer.

It’s based upon the idea that each customer is considered a task. It keeps all of the important files organized and attached to the customer’s task file. I have found the learning curve to be 10 to 20 hours in order to understand the program fully.

The only downside so far is that it’s open source and it’s in the alpha stage so you need to save your files regularly. Yes, open source means free but also open source means no support and the upgrade to full fledged software program is going to be on the programmer’s time table.

Anyways here is the link to the program.

PS: I have found other task and to-do list programs but the cost of such a program is between $100.00 and $500.00. This program is free…


How to purchase and save downloaded software,

Over the years I have purchased many different kinds of software. What I have found is that the download process is a very acceptable way to purchase software. I would say though you need a few steps to ensure you have access to your downloaded software at all times.

The five simple steps to the process of downloading software.

Finding the right Web-Site:

Find the software on a reputable website, my favorite is www.download.com. It is important to download evaluation or free software from a web-site that you trust. Why, well because not all software web-sites are ones to trust and sometime you get more than the software in your download. It might be a key logger, a virus, and other damaging software.

Buying a USB Flash Drive:

It is good practice to purchase a 4 to 8 gig USB flash Drive used specifically to hold all of your downloaded software zip files. This is the best way to ensure you have access to all of your purchased programs. Please note that you put only the programs that you have purchased on this flash drive. If you have evaluated a specific program then deleted it there is no need to have this program on your software flash drive.

Text doc with important information:

I find it very handy to have your invoice, registration numbers and any log-in information like the link to the log-in page plus username and password created in notepad then saved as a PDF documents. It is best to add all the important information into notepad.

Here are a few tips to using notepad:

1) Launch Notepad and put into the file the following, all usernames and passwords, invoice number and registeration information, license key and any other information you might need like PayPal Transaction ID, etc…

2) Create the name with the name of the software as the title of the notepad doc.

3) Write the doc with the wordwrap checked then to print the doc in the PDF turn off the wordwrap. This will make sure that the doc is printed as written, because wordwrap adds unnecessary spaces and line returns.

4) Finally, put 2 or 3 blank spaces above the first paragragh so that when you put this into a PDF there are 2 or 3 spaces between the doc name and the first words. This just makes easier to see the doc title.

Make sure that you name this text file with the software name. Here is the best example on titling your text doc.: Camtasia_Studio_5.0.1, I have the name with the underscore between the names plus at the end I have determined and added the version number. This system makes it so you will know at a glance where the important information is kept.

PDF print software:

I use Bullzip Printer as my PDF printer. This program is a great free program used to create PDF docs through the printer function, here is the link to the home Page of bullzip.

Here is a sample PDF doc made by Bullzip