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Woodworker’s Router Advice…

Dad and I have continually thought and talked about the many uses of the Router and have over the years been giving what we thought as our best  advice. We have talked about things from Table Mounting your Router to showing our best Jigs and Fixtures with the use of guides and patterns.

Today’s post is about you and your best bit of Router Information. Here is our sample PDF “Woodworker’s Router Advice” to give you the idea of what we are looking to make. The PDF is portfolio of PDFs. The individual PDF is made up of 1) the author’s pitch page with links to the author’s web properties and 2) the information page.

Dad and I are looking to compile and produce a FREE E-Book that is a collection of the best bits of router information. Maybe you have some advice, shortcuts, mistakes and/or ideas on how use the router. Let me give you some examples of what we are looking for:

1) Can you give some Advice:

What would be the one bit of advice you would give others? If you could share one recommendation what would it be? What’s the greatest lesson you have ever learned?

2) Do you have some Shortcuts:

Have you discover any ways to make a router operation easier? or Is there any ways to get results easier? Any special jigs or fixtures you use? Are there any ways to make things easier or complete an operation faster?

3) Maybe some Mistakes:

Have you made mistakes that have set you back? Any safety problems or pitfalls that we need to watch out for? What should we NOT do?

4) Hey maybe some good Ideas:

When working on a project if there is one thing we should do first, what would it be? If there is one thing that is the most important Router Tip, what would it be? If you have to begin again on let’s say setting up your shop, what would it be?

This is your opportunity to participate, Join in Today!

Help build the “Best Collection of Router Information on the Web.”¬† To submit your best bit of information please complete the online form below. Include your full name, email address, your web link and the text of your Router Tip that is at least one lengthy paragraph to a maximum of one page. (300 to 800 words)

All of the information selected for the E-Book will include your name as the author plus any of your web links submitted. Please submit original material only.

Fill out the form below and add your best Router Tip to our Free E-Book. We would like to have your best Router Tip on or before January 10, 2010.
Thanks for your Participation.
Web URL:
Router Tip:
If your submission is accepted your name and optional web link will be published in the E-Book. Your email address will be kept private and used only to communicate the progress of the E-Book project.