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Have you heard of 41pounds.org

I was surfing the Internet sometime ago and found two services that are focused on two objectives.

1) getting rid of the junk mail being delivered to your mail box, and

2) adding new trees used to replace the trees consumed by the junk mail advertisers.

41pounds figures that your mail box gets approx. 41 pounds of news print delivered to you yearly. The short explanation is you donate $41.00 per year and this service will calls all sources of junk mail and gets them to quit sending the junk mail to your mailing address.

41 pounds.org also hook up with the a non profit organization that has the main focus of planting new trees replacing the ones used by the junk mail advertisers.

Aside from having the benefits of the two above causes from a consumer point of view I have created a 6 part email e-course giving the benefits to joining these two worthy causes from a woodworker’s perspective. To sign up to this 6 part e-course on junk mail fill out the form below.

Join the E-Course and over the next six days you will be receiving a series of emails about the conservation of trees and the methods used to rid your mail box of unwanted junk mail.
You will receive articles about the following:
  • Day One: Losing Junk Mail Weight, Saving One Tree at a Time
  • Day Two: Growing Trees, Growing a Healthier World
  • Day Three: Unsentimental Tree Hugger
  • Day Four: The Real Sound of a Tree Falling in the Forest
  • Day Five: Seeing the forest for the trees
  • Day Six: A Ton of Reasons to Save 24 Trees
To join just fill in the form below with your name and email address.
Your privacy is important to us and we will not share your email address with no one, period.