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If you need to contact me for some reason please direct your request to:

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Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I use something other than PayPal to join The Router Workshop Video Series?
    As it stands for now PayPal is the only was to pay for your membership. Remember, PayPal a is safe and secure online payment method.
  2. Do I need to sign up if I just want the free blog router tips?
    No, if you just want the free blog posts you can visit the website periodically or sign up on the pop up screen shown when your mouse moves off the page, this will put you on the email list and send you an email when the site has been updated.
  3. What do I get when I join the membership?
    You get one new episode per week of the Router Workshop. These links are emailed one each 7 days plus the link will show up on your members page so once the episode is released to you, you can watch it on demand on your member’s page. This service will continue until you have received the entire collection or when you cancel the membership.
  4. How often are you going to update the blog?
    We are going to start by updating the blog posts at a rate of one per month.
  5. How do I know that I am signed up and the system is working?
    Two things will happen:

    1. you should receive 2 emails immediately upon our receipt of your payment:
      1. A welcome to the Router Workshop and
      2. The first episode via email, this email has a link to the episode 101.
    2. Secondly you will find a link to the released episodes in your member’s area. You have to sign in to see these links.
  6. If your account is still pending?
    You will not receive any email’s from us and you’re still set as pending which means that you have abandon the shopping card before you made payment. You can sign into your account at www.routerworkshop.net then go to the member’s page and 3/4 down is subscription box that will have the Router Workshop Video Series check off the box beside and push the order button. Follow the instructions in PayPal and complete the transaction.
  7. I am using the AOL Browser and/or Video Player
    We have been having some problems with our AOL customers playing our flash video. To correct this please first look at the AOL help files. Click this link to the AOL help files.

Technical Recommendations


Please Note, we recommend using the FireFox browser with the Flash player version 8 or better installed to view the content offered by RouterWorkshop.net. FireFox is a free browser, it’s easy to download and install.
  1. Visit the FireFox homepage.
  2. Visit the Flash Player page.