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Need more members…

February 21, 2012 by  
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Web_Mr_Straight_BitsWell we are getting a reasonable response…

Just a short message about the new Jigs and Fixture E-Class. Currently we are getting a reasonable number of members and router enthusiasts joining our first Jigs and Fixture E-Class but for us to be creating more of these we are going to need many more interested woodworkers.

So if you were one of the interested people that commented in the “Anybody Interested” post then here is how to join the new E-Class. We feel that we have priced it well within everybody’s budget that are doing the woodworking hobby.

Click this link to join the new Jigs and Fixture E-Class and start to see how we construct jigs and fixtures that are used to make the router the most useful power tool in the workshop.

Need to know more about the course then click here to see more…

Extended the Deal…

February 13, 2012 by  
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Web_Mr_Straight_BitsThis is such a great deal that I have extended it to last for the entire month of February and hosted the deal on the home page. Next we have ordered more Flash Drives and hope to be able to fill all of the orders.

To recap the deal…

For the small fee of $35.00 plus shipping you get:

1) A 32 Gig Router Workshop Flash Drive, (retail $50.00)
2) Season one free, (retail $7.14)
3) Rest of the seasons for $65.00, (retail $100.00)

You save just over 57.00…

Click the buy now button below to make your purchase…

We are just about there…

February 12, 2012 by  
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Web_Safety_Guide_PinCutoutWell this deal has been going great guns…

Just need a few more flash drive sales to make the quantity discount. Yes that is what will make this sale work for us.

So if you have been sitting on the fence and have not yet taken the plunge for the $35.00 Flash Drive, which we be giving you the first season at no charge and the entire library for an additional $65.00,

now is the time to do it. That is just 5 bucks for each season that can be played on your local computer…

Best Price for High Resolution Video…

February 11, 2012 by  
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No the price is NOT $300.00, or $200.00 not even $150.00…

Well last weekend we had a sales on the newly produced High Resolution the Router Workshop Videos. Guess What, the video files work perfectly on all windows formats and with 32 and 64 bit O/S. This was the name your own price sale and I had a few take me up on the deal but not as many as I hoped.

This is what come out of the sale,

The price for one computer license is $100.00 and the average cost of the high grade 32 gig Flash Drive is $50.00. Making the one license worth $150.00 on average.

Wait, that is not the deal…

It seemed still a bit pricy so I searched the Internet high and low to find the cheapest price on the 32 Gig Flash Drive and come up with the $35.00 best price in low quantities…

So here is the deal going forward,

I will add all of the Router Workshop Videos to a 32 gig FD and give you season one for free…I just need the cost of the Flash Drive, which is $35.00 plus shipping to your door.

Yes that is JUST $35.00 !!!

Yes, that is 35 bucks for the 32 gig Flash Drive and season one of TRW…If you are interested but felt the price was too much before…this is the time to get the deal.

Once you have unlocked season one of TRW you have 10 days from the date of the email request for the play key to purchase the full video library license for an additional $65.00. Otherwise after the 10 day window the cost of the license is $100.00. If you don’t feel it is worth the extra money for 13 additional seasons keep season one and the FD with no further finical commitment.

That is right not 300 or 200 bucks just the 35 bucks for the FD and 65 bucks for the computer license for the remaining 13 seasons…that is just over $7.00 per season of TRW including the Flash Drive…

This is a great deal!! Click below to buy this offer…

Still not convinced and want to see a sample!

Then download the sample video and experience the process and get a sample of the high res video. Click here to get your copy of the sample exe file…Yes you can trust this exe video file on your computer…

The first four are done…

January 4, 2012 by  
Filed under General Discussion

Welcome back to TRW 2012, we have now completed the first four months of the calendar. The links to the new calendar months can be found below.

The features of each month includes:

  1. A new caricature on the left side with router tip,
  2. The monthly calendar to the right,
  3. Above the calendar the logo and link to the official TRW website,
  4. Below the calendar is the audio tip and
  5. On the bottom the link to the Router Workshop membership.

The first link to the right is the, January Calendar 2012

The second link to the right is the, February Calendar 2012

The third link to the right is the, March Calendar 2012

The forth link to the right is the, April Calendar 2012

Please pass these PDF calendar’s around to interested people,

As with the January post I request you to do one thing and that is to pass the calendar around to all that might be interested in having a calendar from the Router Workshop, each new calendar has a new caricature with a new router tip. Hope you all enjoy our new router tip calendar for 2012.

Thanks to all who support US on the Internet…

Welcome to TRW 2012…

January 3, 2012 by  
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This is the first email for 2012…

As a starting point for the year 2012 we are getting ready to send the first four calendar months for 2012 in the next few days.

Each PDF calendar has five features like,

  1. The router bit caricature on the left,
  2. The Router Workshop Logo and link to the official website above the calendar,
  3. The audio router tip under the calendar, and
  4. The link and coupon code for 30% off the Router Workshop Membership
  5. Or, print it, Please be sure to set the printer feature to “scale to print”.

This is all free with just one request, could you send the 2012 Calendar Months to friends and relatives or woodworking buddies that might be interested in using the router in their workshop.

Short and to the point, please send our PDF Calendar to anyone you think might enjoy it or you think they could use it. Click the link to the right and start passing it around, January Calendar 2012

Thanks to all that follow us on the Internet.

The votes are in…

December 27, 2011 by  
Filed under General Discussion


Yes the votes are in and it looks like Mr. Bits is the new mascot name.

I have just one little addition to the name and that will be adding the first name.

So for our first mascot the name is going to be Mr. Round Bits and the second mascot is Mr Straight Bits. I have one more mascot coming some time in the New Year.

We are going to have three different mascots that will be included in the making of the 2012 Calendar.

Each new calendar month will have a different mascot each with simple router tips. I am hoping to have the first Calendar done before the New Year.

Great Holiday Gift Idea…

December 23, 2011 by  
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Well we have a great offer for those that are interested in getting the full Video library of the Router Workshop designed to be played on your computer. Please Note: This is the High Res. Version that can be played only on the following computer configuration, 32 bit windows in XP, Vista and windows 7. Sorry the format can’t be used on the 64 bit windows version or the Mac O/S. Click here to buy our High Res Video Library for the Holidays…

Welcome to my series of caricatures…

December 23, 2011 by  
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Welcome to my series of caricatures…

I think we have just about finished the process of naming the router bit caricature. The votes are almost in and showing that Mr. Bits is in the lead. I am going to leave the voting up until December 26th at 6:00 PM CST.

Click here to vote…

The first job of the caricature mascot is the development of the Router Workshop Electronic Calendar. We will be creating this calendar with the first month coming out on December 31st 2011. So keep an eye out for that post.

The votes are coming in…

December 20, 2011 by  
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The votes are coming in…

Web_MascotI would like to thank all who have voted on my new name.

It is showing a very tight race and we want to make sure everyone gets a chance to vote. So if you haven’t already voted NOW is the time to vote. Click this link to the voting post, remember each person gets one vote so be sure to pick your favorite one…

Help me get my new name by casting your vote for your favorite name.


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