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See TRW on Unlimited Computers…

February 26, 2013 by  
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He fellow woodworkers I have a deal for you. I am having a High Res Flash Drive Sale that has over 21 Gigs of the Router Workshop, which is designed to be watched on your computer. In the past deals you were limited to a number of Computers that you could view the videos on.

Today that has changed, this sale means unlimited computers can see the video library. How it works is the owners of this Sandisk flash drive get put on the VIP email list and the people on this list can request unlimited number of computer play keys.

Sandisk11The cost to do this is $240.00 including the flash drive cost and shipping in North America. This sale is limited until March 10th, 2013 and on the first 10 flash drives. Which ever happens first. Please Note: There are just 10 of these flash drive purchased, see photo to the left.

Well we have a new Guest Blogger…

August 7, 2012 by  
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Welcome Bruce to my website…

header-objectFor those of you that haven’t heard of Bruce Beaty before let me introduce him again to all of you. Bruce is a very talented woodworker that has added the 3-D drawing twist to his woodworking process. In the coming months he will be adding his expertise about 3D woodworking plans and discussing a new plan once a month…

He is an excellent woodworker that uses Sketchup to design his projects before taking the plans to the workshop. He likes to use the Sketchup files to flush out all the potential problems before starting to work with the wood.

So without further comments here is Bruce’s introduction post on the Router Workshop…

What did you do during your summer vacation?

Summer months have a tendency to mean less shop time and more outside projects, jobs on the honey do list or just relaxing on a vacation. However you have filled your summer up to this point I hope you’ve made the best of it. Even woodworkers need a rejuvenation period.

I have been woodworking for about 12 years now and I know every once in a while you need to step away and try something new. That’s exactly what I’ve been doing this summer.

Some of you may remember me from other posts on the Router Workshop; if you do you’ll know that I love to create projects using a free 3D drawing program called Sketchup before I head to the shop. I use sketchup in place of building a proto-type of the project. I can catch any major errors prior to cutting any boards.

Since I have been designing for myself and others over the last eight years I have a fair number of drawings stored away just waiting to be used or re-used. I have decided to make these plans available to everyone through my new website.

Never having had anything to do with website design and setup it has been a challenging summer. I can’t thank Rick enough for all of his support and encouragement throughout this process.   I’m sure I would have given up quite awhile ago if it hadn’t been for the Router Workshop crew.

About the site:

The website is dedicated to woodworking, no advertising, just a place to acquire some practical woodworking plans in a 3D format. The plans are aimed at woodworkers that have an understanding of furniture building. The plans don’t lead you step by step through the build, however they do provide you with a list of required materials, all the measurements needed and a great graphical image of all of parts in full colour.

Today’s woodworker can upload the plan to their I-pad, notebook whatever and take the plans to the shop. Of course you are still able to print off the drawings and use them as you normally would. As well as furniture plans there is an assortment of useful jigs and shop fixtures and about 40 totally free plans which I have saved over the years from other sites. I am continually adding both pay and free plans so you’ll have to check back regularly. The pay plans start at $1.29 and the costs vary depending on the complexity of the project and the time it takes me to turn the Sketchup drawing into a useable plan.

If you do decide to visit the site and I hope you do, you will be asked to register your email address. (Rest assured your email will never be distributed or sold. The only person to see it will be me.)

You do have to register to access the free plans, leave a comment or write a review about a plan. You will also be asked to verify you are a human to avoid spam.  Just for registering you will not only receive your free plan password I will include a step by step PowerPoint which I wrote called “Bandsaw Boxes Made Easy”.

Please drop by and check it out. If there is something special you are looking for, custom plans are available at a negotiated rate.

Thanks Rick for giving me a chance to talk about my summer vacation. If you have any questions you can contact me directly at woodchuck [at] 3dwoodworkingplans.com

Bruce Beatty
Aka: Wood Chuck

The 3 D Printer is here…

July 4, 2012 by  
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The 3 D Printer is here…

cubify1Well folks I received my first 3 D printer today and took it out the box. The things that worried me before the purchase was is this 3 D printer going to be easy to set up? I confirm that anyone who can follow step by step instructions can set up the Cube 3 D printer. These guys have thought of every thing and there is no guess work to the process of setting up the 3 D Printer.

Once out of the box…

To start you need to activate the Cube by making an account on Cubify.com and add your printer serial number found on the back of the printer box then the registration number is added to your account and emailed to you. With the registration number you add it to the 3 D printer through it’s led touch screen and you are ready to set up the printer.

Things needed to set up the machine,

  1. You need to set up the printer head to the correct distance from the printer plate. The 3 D printer has three position settings Z position or up and down, Y position or left and right and X position which is back and forth. Z position is the position that needs to be manually set to the printer plate using paper folded in half and set to that distance between the printer head and the printer plate.
  2. Next we need to set up the material in the printer head, which is easily done by the step by step process found in the user guide.

  3. Now you need to prep the printer plate by adding the printer plate glue used to make it easy to remove the 3 D models from the printer plate. This is a great way to remove the finished 3D models from the printer plate.

  4. Last is the process of printing your first model, which is found on the supplied USB flash drive. All models require a 10 minute heat up process that heats the printer plate and the printer head. Once heated up it can then start the first printing model as found on the USB flash drive.

  5. I have the software on my laptop and it is very easy to bring in the STL files and then convert them to the cube files the printer can read. There are three way to print the files:

    1. Drag the files to the provided USB flash, connect the flash drive to the printer, pick the file to be printed and press the print button.

    2. Plug in the printer cable into the laptop and hook to the printer then print as you would with a regular printer.

    3. Hook up the WiFi and pass the print files to the printer over your WiFi network.

That is about it, click here to see the video of the machine working making our first model of the supplied 3 D model of the Rook chess player piece. Click here to see the video.

One final point,

Dad is really excited about the idea of making a series of 3 D models of Jigs and Fixtures. Overall this is a perfect tool that anybody can use to print 3 D models of many sizes and shapes…I give the printer 10 out of 10 and I don’t hesitate recommending the idea of purchasing one of these printers for your next tool in the shop.

Just bought a 3D Printer…

May 24, 2012 by  
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Yes you heard right I just bought a 3D Printer…

web_Straight_bitsWell today we took the plunge and just purchased Cube 3D printer that is used to print plastic models. So you ask why would you need a 3D printer and what can you print with it? Well guys you have noticed that I have been interested in people that have a handle on the 3D modeling software called sketch up plus I have been interested in adding more Jigs and Fixture classes.

Well here is my thoughts, I want to create a series of 3D models for plastic Jigs and Fixtures then allow people to download the STL files and print their own copy though either the 3D cloud or on their own 3D printer. In the cloud you can get a model printed and shipped to your door with out owning a 3D printer the other way is to own your 3D printer and just download the specific files then press print on the 3 D printer.

The printer costs is at $1,300.00 bucks with the additional cartridges at 50 bucks, which make each model cost at approx. 5 bucks. This kind of technology is a game changer for the consumer and in the end you the woodworker… Check out the YouTube Video…

I would like to see your thoughts…

As Promised a response from Clickbank…

May 23, 2012 by  
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Rick here from the Router Workshop and I was one of those affiliates for clickbank selling My Shed Plans and not TED’s woodworking plans. I have currently suspended the sales until I was able to find a reasonable solution that satisfied the process for people who have copyrighted plans included into Ted’s 16,000 plans.

Here is Clickbanks Official Response, hopefully this can help those who have been infringed upon:
Hello Rick,

Thank you for your response. We do our best to make sure that vendors selling
through ClickBank are legitimate. However, if you or anyone else finds that one
of our vendors is plagiarizing another persons copyrighted material, we do
request that we receive a DMCA complaint so we can take appropriate measures.

Information on the DMCA policy can be found on our website at


Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Thank You,

ClickBank Client Support

It has been brought to my attention…

May 20, 2012 by  
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Please be advised…

This post is about the scam customer reviews that have been sent to me about the website I decided to endorse from the Clickbank marketplace. I recently purchased the plans from my shed plans and give them a first look. At first look they seem to be a collection older plans from times past with the instructions using hand tools and I assume that the owner has the rights to resell these plans. Currently I have a support ticket into Clickbank asking them about the customer reviews calling one of their vendors a scam artist.

I will hold judgement to the truth of the reviews until I get the official response from Clickbank. I trusted the Clickbank Marketplace as a honest and above board company and will wait for their official response. In the meantime I will take both of my offers to the free plan off the website until I learn more from Clickbank…Please don’t make any plan purchases through the free plan until I get the official response from Clickbank.

I am sorry for any inconvenience and be rest assured that if this scam is confirmed by Clickbank I will do what ever it takes to make this right again…This is a bad reflection on the Router Workshop and this won’t be taken lightly…

How many woodworkers use sketchup?

May 7, 2012 by  
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I am just wondering how many woodworkers use the Google program sketchup to create woodworking project plans. I have had the pleasure to work with sketchup artist and woodworker Bruce Beatty to create a plan on how to build wine cellar storage drawers. In my mind a great project created by the very talented woodworker, Bruce Beatty…

I feel this project has been a huge success and it has me now thinking that there must be more woodworkers out there using the sketch up program to build their own plans for projects and furniture…If you do, I would like feature your projects in a future post here at the Router Workshop…

If you do use Sketchup Please Comment here…

Thanks Stewart for sharing…

April 8, 2012 by  
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I have been asking for people with experience building a wine rack system to comment in my first post. Currently I have Stewart who stepped up to the plate and has shared his experiences of the wine rack construction. Click here to view his experiences…

If there are anyone else out there who has build their version of the wine rack I would appreciate your comments in the first post found here….

Anyone have experience constructing a Wine Cellar?

April 7, 2012 by  
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Wine Anyone?

Today’s post is about the details needed to construct a wine cellar and/or creating a custom piece of furniture to hold your wine collection. Anyway I am looking for people that have an interest in preserving their wine collection from going bad because of poor storage processes and designing a woodworking cabinet to store the wine correctly.

I have a book that talks all about the proper ways to store wine and they state that they have the detailed construction plans to create the wine cellar. After previewing the book I found that they have a boatload of information about storing your wine properly but little or nothing on the construction process.

I will be reviewing the book over the next few months and giving my thoughts about the wine information…What I want is construction ideas from your woodworking experiences…so has anyone constructed their very own wine cellar or a wine storage system?

Please Comment

If you have experience constructing a wine storage system please comment in this post and let’s start discussing the needed construction techniques…

How to get a copy of the book…

If you want to get a copy of the book and follow along with my product review click the graphic below and go through the Clickbank procedure to make the purchase. By purchasing the book you are supporting my online efforts and I receive a commission for each book sold. Thank You in advance for your support…


Stewart’s Wine Rack

Picture 401

Here is Stewart’s story…

I have been making wine racks for the past 10- years and also marketing them. I have gone from Spruce to pine beetle wood but now going back to spruce. I make them in multiple of 30 bottle, 60 bottle and 100 bottle.

Also make a wine rack that fits in the end of your close closet for the apartment owner. Have also made then out of oak that can be placed in living area that holds 20 bottles.

When I started, I made a couple of jigs and then used hole saws to make the outline of the bottle shapes but the hole saws caused sanding therefore I went to forstner bits.

I drill the holes almost through then finish them off with the router. A jig is made to do the holes on the end to hold rails in place and then covered with flat headed plugs.

I have had a freud bit that I have used since 2002 and have never sharpened it. It has been used on oak, spruce and pine.

One word of caution is to have a good drill press and at least 3/4 HP if you are making several.


Thanks Stewart for sharing, now is there any more wine rack systems. Please add them to the comments section of this post…Rick

Last 24 hours coming up…

February 28, 2012 by  
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Router-1Just a quick note about the February Sale…

The High Res video sale is just about over on Feb. 29th at midnight and we have just 7 drives left. If you were sitting on the fence and wondering about this deal. Then now is the time to get on board. Click this link for more information…

Thanks to all that took advantage of our 32 gig Flash Drive sale. We look forward to working with you all in this new year. Thanks for the support…

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