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Building Holiday Boxes…

November 29, 2011 by  
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So what to put inside the Box…

We have been looking around for custom items that we can put inside a custom made box using our box calculator. I have found a perfect item to put into the handcrafted boxes. It is custom made MM candies, that’s right you can make custom made MM candies with everything made to your liking add a photo of the grand child, then add “Happy Holidays.”

Click here to order your custom made MM’s today and then create your hand made boxes using our Calculator. Click here to get the complete video and plans…

Christmas is just around the corner…

November 18, 2010 by  
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Well folks yes it is Christmas time and how I wonder how the time has breezed by without knowing what happened. This post is to help you remember that the handmade gifts are ones that are remembered most. So it is time for you to get into the shop and start creating quality handmade gifts for your relatives and friends.

Some suggestions that I can make is to make a series of boxes using either my Magic Box or my Inlaid Chest each of these comers with a online dynamic calculator which allows you to create any sized box quickly and easily. Click here to check out both of these plans and calculators! These boxes can be made of MDF and then painted plus maybe add a water slide decal of you and the family or just make them out of solid wood like Oak.

Good luck on the adventure of creating your own handmade products for this Christmas Season.

Using the Router as a manufacturing Tool…

May 7, 2010 by  
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Talking to local businesses…

So you want to create a special project that can be duplicated many times over…let’s say you have talked to the local Wine Store or any store that sells small gifts to their clients. You are creating a sample gift box that is used to replace the wrapping paper. It holds a wine bottle, a bottle of high end perfume or that special knick-knack. This box is made of MDF and has been painted with the Faux finish. The cost of production is approximately $1.50 each.

You present this to the Store manager and mention that this box can have their custom logo painted into the finish. Cost of each box is $9.95 without the logo and $14.95 each with the logo in groups of 10 boxes per order. Use your sample box as your sales tool…get the orders then create the manufacturing line around the construction methods.

You explain that the boxes can be made into any shape and/or size. You can even work with the store to create a in-store special event that groups four wines into one gift box. The store creates a special price that includes your gift box. Retail price of a four wine hand made gift box is $29.95 and works as the gift box plus once brought home it can be the modular wine storage system on the pantry shelf. It’s a collectible item…

Manufacturing with your Router…

Well today’s post is about using the router to create many projects made the same way. As you create this one design then develop the manufacturing process that will then create ready to sell multiple projects. With this technique you can create many items very fast and accurately. The process is to create Jigs and Fixtures that are designed to aid you in the construction operations.

Here is the step by step system for the manufacturing technique,

1) Identify the project you want to duplicate,
2) Make a list of construction processes,
3) Identify the processes that require assistance,
4) Create Jigs and Fixtures for the identified processes,

Test the processes with your new Jigs and Fixtures by creating a pro-type run of let’s say ten items. This is where you have the list of construction operations, required Jigs and Fixtures, and the workstations set up to manufacture your projects. It is recommended to set up each workstation with separate routers and template guides. You need to set up the entire manufacturing line.

Here is an example, the Magic Box from episode 103,

1) Using the dynamic box calculator create a sample box using the inside measurements from the dimensions of one of your favorite wines. This is going to be your sample bottle used to generate sales.

2) The list of construction processes:

A) Using 3/8″ MDF size the 3 different pieces,
B) router the two pieces one side with two rabbets and
C) one top/bottom with four rabbets,
D) router the inside groove in all side pieces,
E) Mark the groove on the outside of the piece,
F) Glue and place into the gluing jig,
G) Cut apart the lid/bottom using the small jig,
H) Sand the manufactured box,
I) Antique and Paint the finished box,
J) Package and deliver to client.

3) Processes that need assistance:

F) Glue and place into the gluing jig, (see project PDF to see gluing jig)
G) Cut apart the lid/bottom using the small jig, (See Project PDF to see the jig to separate the lid and bottom)

4) Make the jigs…

Hopefully this has been a help with regards to the many uses of the router in the manufacturing process. Just one more point, be sure to add a clear Avery label on the bottom of the gift box with all your contact information. Plus add four small felt stickers one on each corner. These will act as small protective feet used to keep your painted surface from being transferred to the clients furniture.

My background image library…

December 16, 2009 by  
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The Background Image Library


We have just created the TRW Background Image Library to help the folks that are making Paint Boxes with the custom water slide decals. Things important about this custom library of background Images is that you can put your customer’s family photos into images of exotic places like London, England or maybe on the beach in Guatemala. There are 150 different detestation background images with the royalty free license.

Once you have paid the flat fee of $27.00 you have the right to use these background photos as you wish for your Paint Box projects you create.

Software Customization:

This image library is in a windows software program that is custom made for you. After payment we will compile your custom made software with your name in two places 1) in the top left corner of the window title and 2) in the about button in the bottom left region.

Rights to use:

You have the right to share the photos within the software for any custom project you may be working on. You DO NOT have the right to share your copy of the software or resell the photos alone. Your use of the photos must include cutout photos of your customers family and/or images. These custom images must then be mounted on your custom made Paint Boxes.

Custom Paint Box Tools:

1) Select the buy now button below to purchase your copy of the Router Workshop Background Image Windows Program.

2) Click here to use the free Dynamic Calculator Tools and/or purchase the video and PDF plans.

3) Click here to get a copy of Play with Pictures used to cutout your custom family photos.

Using the Cross-Lap Joint…

December 14, 2009 by  
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Today’s Router Tip is using the Cross-Lap joint to separate items for your Custom Paint Boxes. We start by taking measurements using the inside measurement tool on the Dynamic Box Calculator. You need to make the Cross-Lap dividers for your box is bit larger than the item designed to fit into the desired spot. For this example I am creating a Paint Box that can hold 4 of the 1 Pint Jar.

To use the Dynamic Box Calculators follow this link to the two box Calculators.

Click on the screen below to watch the video on how to measure and make the cross-lap joint in the internal divider.


It’s hard to believe only 18 days left…

December 7, 2009 by  
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That’s right!

Christmas is just around the corner or more accurately there are only 18 days left. As everyone is making plans to go shopping in the days left until Christmas I was surfing the web for ideas on how the woodworker could use their talents to create special hand crafted gifts for the people that are special in their family.

A Neat Idea…

This post is about a neat idea that my Mom gave to us last Christmas as a stocking stuffer. The present was Gift in a Jar, which was the ingredients to my favorite brownie recipe. To add to this she wrapped the Jar with Christmas paper, to top it off with few ribbons and a Christmas card.

It’s all about the Packaging…

So the reason for this post is to talk about how to package the Gift in a Jar using our new dynamic box calculators instead of wrapping paper and ribbons. But before we get to the custom made Painted Boxes let’s explore what we can use as the gift in a Jar.

As a great starter,

I have purchased a few Gift in a Jar recipes. I have converted the recipes into a series of PDF recipes that I am offering to you as a gift from Router Workshop. In each of these Gift in a Jar recipes we have custom made labels used to create a professional look and feel to each of your creations in a Jar.

Now here is the How To information video on how to create and print the Gift in a Jar custom labels.


Free Label Software…

I used the Avery Label software to print the labels out to your color laser or inkjet printers. Click here to receive your free copy of the Avery Label software.

Here are the recipe gifts from the Router Workshop.

1) A all time favorite here at home is the homemade version of a quick breakfast meal, Click to get your copy of the Apple, Cinnamon and Walnut Oatmeal.

2) As our second choice we have added nuts and apples to a homemade pancake mix. Click here to get your copy of the  Apple Nut Pancakes.

3) Now this one is for everyone that drinks coffee with a creamer, it is the Amaretto Coffee Creamer.

4) And the last one is the Apple Cake in a Jar so click here to get recipe number four.

Please Note: That all of the above recipes that use Apples can use different fruits to create a different taste. I am not sure how well bananas would work but I am sure apricots, peaches, and blueberries would work just fine.

To finish this post I have included the link to our Dynamic Box Calculators. This resource is here to help you create those custom gift boxes for your friends and family.

Merry Christmas to all,

Here is our own Dynamic Box Calculators!

December 5, 2009 by  
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We have just set up and created two Dynamic Box Calculators for the following projects on the Router Workshop.  These calculators work with Episode 103 Magic Boxes and with Episode 801 the Inlaid China Chest. We have also added the How To PDF plan and the Videos needed to create the boxes. The custom material lists from either of the Dynamic Box Calculators need the correct How To information.

To try and/or buy the How To Information follow this link.

This is a got to have program…

November 19, 2009 by  
Filed under Craft Paint Boxes

So how does this fit into a router blog?

Well, if anyone is using the Internet to sell their woodworking creations then you really need a program that can cut out the background quickly and easily. If you sell things using Ebay or on your own website then being able to clear the background is a must.

You need to display your product with the least amount of background noise as possible. I have been playing around with this software “Play With Pictures” and have found bar-non this is the top of the pile best software going.

It can quickly cut out the unnecessary background very easily and it has a very low learning curve. As an example I have taken a photo of a set of hinges with screws on the coffee table then in less that 10 minutes I removed the background.

See the comparison photos below Left one, a set of hinges/screws without the background and Right one with the background. This is me a complete rookie with less than 2 hours experience with the program.

Folks, it can only gets better with practice.

To anyone that is interested…

I have purchased a series of License Keys that will give you discount of 15% off the $40.00 retail price.

To test just download the evaluation software and see for yourself. Here is the link to the FREE 15 day software download

If you agree then you can purchase it from me with the buy now button below. If you don’t see value yet, you should at the very least, try it…

License Key

Well today is the last public post on Painted Boxes…

November 13, 2009 by  
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Has anyone seen the possibilities that can be realized by combining your woodworking skills with access to customers at the next Craft Show. We have shown you the techniques that are a must to the creation of quality inventory.

Next we should talk about the logistics to the creation of your inventory. Here are a few questions that come to my mind.

1) How much and What inventory do you need to make for your first craft show?

My thoughts: Well if you knew the how much and what to make you would probably be better off buying the winning lottery ticket. The best answer to this is that you need to produce a wide variety of sample Painted Boxes. Then from the samples you can take orders and create/deliver after the show. If asked the reason why you don’t have a huge inventory? Your response is that you make custom sizes, colors with personalized decal of local themes.

2) How much of the inventory is unpainted?

My thoughts: With the unpainted you might just have a few common sizes available for purchase because the profit margin for unpainted without the wood decals is quite different than the finished products.

3) What are the most common sizes?

My thoughts: To answer this question you need to know the motivation of your customers. Why would they need a Painted Box? You need to use your sample painted boxes to help your customers begin to think outside the box and see the need to have one, two or ten boxes.

One possibility, purchase a common photo album from your local store and pitch the process of creating a photo album or a brag book of their family members. Your pitch is that by adding the painted box to the photo album it would just be the finishing touches to the perfect package for each of their families.

4) How many are painted and with a holiday theme decal?

My thoughts: Yes the one thing that is going to close the deal best is that you are using quality graphics of that special season. I must remind you that all your graphics need to be original art that you have the rights to use.

Caution: Don’t digitize the cool greeting cards you found at the greeting card store.

5) How many are painted and just waiting for the customized wood decals?

My thoughts: This is a good plan that will work perfectly for that special season. Travel around town and take cool photos of the Christmas decorated town hall or the featured Christmas tree. Get that perfect picture of the highlights of your local atmosphere. This is best taken at sunset or in the evening and it’s a photo of your lighted bridge, the town hall or the local museum. Make it anything local, every location has a cool tourist location that will be that perfect background. Best part is that this is original art created by you easily and quickly. Click here to see tips on Photo Composition:

That’s my thoughts on getting the right inventory for the Craft Show…

Now let’s recap: a) you have the product, b) the methods used to paint and place a graphic decal, c) ways to create original graphic backgrounds and d) the way to personalize each product.

Not sure this is the way to go yet!

Do a trial run or maybe two or three: Start by hosting a home party with your friends. Invite 3 or 4 of your best friends, hey make it a wine or cheese party.

Once this has been a success and I trust this will be a great success! Ask each of your friends to host their own party with 3 or 4 different friends. The more practice you have the better it will be at the Craft Show.

Preparation for this party is simple:

1) Create 5 or 6 different sample boxes each with a special theme. Have one painted box created for each of the invited friends without the completed decal.

2) Ask all invitees to bring a family photo.

3) Have your computer, scanner and printer set up to digitize their photos and add them to your background photos. You know the photos you took while traveling around town.

Please note: Make sure you are well practiced with the software “Play with Pictures”.

4) You ask your friends to help by getting them to add the wood decal to their box.

Please Note: You need know how to explain the process of placing the custom decals to the wood boxes.

That’s it for this post, thanks for now. Below is the plan and video to the painted boxes…

How To Create Personal Graphics Quickly and Easily…

November 12, 2009 by  
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Well we are on the home stretch with our series of Posts on the Craft Show Project Idea. Today I want to talk about a really cool software program that can be used to quickly create personal graphics. With the water slide decal process these graphics can easily be placed on your custom made Paint Boxes.

So what’s the procedure to create a custom graphic wood decal for your custom paint boxes. The program we are talking about is Play with Pictures.

This program is designed to work as a five step process.

1) Load your custom canvas background into the program,

2) Load the family photo and remove a person or a group of people out of the background of a family photo.

3) Insert one or more cut out photos into the custom canvas background.

4) Add your custom text, bullet points and speech bubbles,

5) Save the project and print the color decal.

That’s it you’re done!!! You now have a custom digital graphic decal ready for your paint boxes in minutes with little effort.

Don’t believe me, here is the quick overview “How To Tutorial” which gives you the quick overview on how easy the Play with Pictures program is really.

A side note: Hey folks this video is me using the program for the second time so be easy on me.


To anyone that is interested…

I have purchased a series of License Keys that will give you discount of 15% off the $40.00 retail price.

To test just download the evaluation software and see for yourself. Here is the link to the FREE 15 day software download

If you agree then you can purchase it from me with the buy now button below. If you don’t see value yet, you should at the very least, try it…

License Key

For anyone interested here is the download of my sample graphic.

Here is a website with a collection of free backgrounds and textures.

Please Note: This program works great with both Mac and PC, sorry folks it doesn’t work with the 64 bit O/S system. That’s it for today’s post! Below is a recap of the past two posts about the Project for the Craft Sale…

Well To Recap about the last two posts:

In the first post, we talked about the tools needed to create the custom sized Paint Boxes. We have three tools:

a) The PDF plan to the Magic Boxes in episode 103,

b) The TRW Episode 103 Video Program talks about the construction process,

c) The free dynamic calculator to customizing the materials lists.

In the Second Post: We talked about a simple decal producing process to print specific graphics and apply those graphics on the custom made Paint Boxes. We talked about the following:

a) A description of what a water-slide wood decal is and how to use it,

b) A step by step instruction process of how to paint your custom made boxes,

c) Talked about the process used to purchase and use scrap book graphics on your Paint Boxes.

Well that’s it folks, hopefully you see this information as an asset and something you could use as a part of creating your series of fine Painted Boxes. If some of you have photos of your Painted Boxes we would be interested in seeing your work.

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