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A great deal just got better…

Well we have a great offer for those that are interested in getting the full Video library of the Router Workshop designed to be played on your computer. Please Note: This is the High Res. Version that can be played on all of the windows computer configuration, 32 and 64 bit windows in XP, Vista and windows 7. Sorry not on the MAC O/S.

The cost of the Online Version is $475.16, which is a streamed low res. version. You will have to pay $9.95 per month and will receive 1 episode a week.

With this High Res. Offer we are looking at the best deal being $230.00 plus shipping and handling for four play keys and the 32 gig flash drive. You can use the extra play keys to add to a friend’s and/or relative’s computer or use them as a back up.

For the single key it is $130.00 plus shipping, for a 32 gig flash drive and the high res. videos. Remember it is one key one computer with no license transfer to a new computer or for backup.

Again here is what you are getting in option 1:

1) A 32 Gig USB Flash Drive Free,
2) The entire TRW High Res Video Library, and
3) Four Play Keys at a cost of $230.00.

For option 2 you get:

1) A 32 Gig USB Flash Drive Free,
2) The entire TRW High Res Video Library, and
3) One Play Key at a cost of $130.00.

License Options

What is the License Key…

To be sure you are getting what you expected we have a sample video that you can download. This file needs to be registered to your computer machine ID, which means you need to do the following:

1) Have the Windows O/S for either XP, Vista or windows 7,

2) Download the sample video, open the exe file and extract your machine ID then send the machine ID to us via email,

3) We use your machine ID to create the play key for your computer and send it via email,

4) You insert the play key and play the sample video.

Here is the sample video download link…

What to expect…

This will allow you to experience the process and the quality of the video before purchasing the offered product. Once you are satisfied with both the quality and the registration process we can move onto the payment process. If you require more play keys than four the cost of the additional play keys is at $100.00 each.

How To Video…


The payment method…

We use PayPal as our credit card sales tool. PayPal will be asking for the following information:

1) Name and address the product is going to be sent,

2) Your payment method, amount to be paid,

3) The only additional charges will be the UPS shipping and customs handling to your door.

Please Note: you don’t have to have a PayPal account to pay for this offer and the shipping and handling is charged as the real UPS charges. There will not be a up charge for UPS costs. Please be advised to make sure the send to address is the correct address. Why? For security reasons…The address that the payee has selected is considered the correct send to address. We can’t accept address changes via email after the PayPal transaction is complete.

Again What do you get for option 1 at $230.00 and option 2 at $130.00…

1)A FREE 32 gig USB Flash stick,

2) The complete library of TRW in High Res Video, with four or one license key(s)…

3) Additional license keys are sold at this special rate of $100.00 per key. List Price: $300.00 for each for the license.

License Options

Here are my thoughts on the math…

The DVD Format:

The DVD’s have series 1 to 6 and the high res for the computer is 1 to 14. The cost of the DVD set is $19.95 each. If we had completed the set it would X 14 = $280.00. Completing the library in this format was cost prohibitive…

The Online Format:

The cost online with the low res is $475.16 total cost per member, that’s a $2.48 per episode plus a $10.00 account set up. With this format you receive 1 episode per week until you have all 183 episodes.

The offline  High Res Format:

This is a windows application that can only be used on the 32 or 64 bit windows O/S. It requires your machine ID and our generated Play key to see the video on your computer. It is one play key for one computer. Cost is very reasonable at $230.00 for the high res computer version with four licenses (option 1) and for one license it is $130.00 (option2). You throw in a 32 gig flash drive to boot, a $50.00 value.