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The 3 D Printer is here…

July 4, 2012 by  
Filed under General Discussion

The 3 D Printer is here…

cubify1Well folks I received my first 3 D printer today and took it out the box. The things that worried me before the purchase was is this 3 D printer going to be easy to set up? I confirm that anyone who can follow step by step instructions can set up the Cube 3 D printer. These guys have thought of every thing and there is no guess work to the process of setting up the 3 D Printer.

Once out of the box…

To start you need to activate the Cube by making an account on Cubify.com and add your printer serial number found on the back of the printer box then the registration number is added to your account and emailed to you. With the registration number you add it to the 3 D printer through it’s led touch screen and you are ready to set up the printer.

Things needed to set up the machine,

  1. You need to set up the printer head to the correct distance from the printer plate. The 3 D printer has three position settings Z position or up and down, Y position or left and right and X position which is back and forth. Z position is the position that needs to be manually set to the printer plate using paper folded in half and set to that distance between the printer head and the printer plate.
  2. Next we need to set up the material in the printer head, which is easily done by the step by step process found in the user guide.

  3. Now you need to prep the printer plate by adding the printer plate glue used to make it easy to remove the 3 D models from the printer plate. This is a great way to remove the finished 3D models from the printer plate.

  4. Last is the process of printing your first model, which is found on the supplied USB flash drive. All models require a 10 minute heat up process that heats the printer plate and the printer head. Once heated up it can then start the first printing model as found on the USB flash drive.

  5. I have the software on my laptop and it is very easy to bring in the STL files and then convert them to the cube files the printer can read. There are three way to print the files:

    1. Drag the files to the provided USB flash, connect the flash drive to the printer, pick the file to be printed and press the print button.

    2. Plug in the printer cable into the laptop and hook to the printer then print as you would with a regular printer.

    3. Hook up the WiFi and pass the print files to the printer over your WiFi network.

That is about it, click here to see the video of the machine working making our first model of the supplied 3 D model of the Rook chess player piece. Click here to see the video.

One final point,

Dad is really excited about the idea of making a series of 3 D models of Jigs and Fixtures. Overall this is a perfect tool that anybody can use to print 3 D models of many sizes and shapes…I give the printer 10 out of 10 and I don’t hesitate recommending the idea of purchasing one of these printers for your next tool in the shop.


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