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Just bought a 3D Printer…

May 24, 2012 by  
Filed under General Discussion

Yes you heard right I just bought a 3D Printer…

web_Straight_bitsWell today we took the plunge and just purchased Cube 3D printer that is used to print plastic models. So you ask why would you need a 3D printer and what can you print with it? Well guys you have noticed that I have been interested in people that have a handle on the 3D modeling software called sketch up plus I have been interested in adding more Jigs and Fixture classes.

Well here is my thoughts, I want to create a series of 3D models for plastic Jigs and Fixtures then allow people to download the STL files and print their own copy though either the 3D cloud or on their own 3D printer. In the cloud you can get a model printed and shipped to your door with out owning a 3D printer the other way is to own your 3D printer and just download the specific files then press print on the 3 D printer.

The printer costs is at $1,300.00 bucks with the additional cartridges at 50 bucks, which make each model cost at approx. 5 bucks. This kind of technology is a game changer for the consumer and in the end you the woodworker… Check out the YouTube Video…

I would like to see your thoughts…


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