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Meet Dave Richards…

May 14, 2012 by  
Filed under Router Tips

I have a real treat for you woodworkers today, I would like to introduce Dave Richards. He has an extensive background using the 3 D program called Sketchup. So without any further lets take a look Dave’s background as a sketchup artist and woodworker…

Here is Dave Richards

Hayrake table 2Hi. My name is Dave Richards. I’ve been using SketchUp since 2003 mainly for woodworking related projects. I purchased the program before there was a free version available and justified it as another power tool for my shop. I discovered early on that SketchUp makes the time I spend in the shop much more effective. I create less waste and I have a clearer idea of what I need to do at each step of the project. On top of that, I find that SketchUp is an amazingly powerful communication tool. When I am working on a project of my own a nice perspective drawing is much easier for my wife to read that 2D drawings which would be just fine for my own use.

At the time I started using SketchUp there weren’t very many woodworkers using the program. there were a few of us though and more were coming on board. I started tutoring others in how to use it and when Google bought the program and made the free version available, it really took off. Since then I have been helping woodworkers around the world learn to use SketchUp. I’ve helped woodworkers through various forums both in the US and internationally. I do one-on-one training both live and online with desktop sharing software as well as teaching classes in the local community education program. I’m also a contributor to the Design. Click. Build. blog on FineWoodworking.com and just recently, I released SketchUp Guide for WoodworkersThe Basics which is available from Fine Woodworking as either a DVD or as a download .

In addition to teaching others how to use SketchUp, I draw woodworking projects and create plans that others will use to build the pieces. For some of my clients I will start with vague description and create some design options. After the client settles on a final design, I convert the design into plans. For several years I’ve also been drawing plans for Fine Woodworkings Digital Plans Library. These plans are downloadable in PDF format and include the SketchUp model. If you download these plans, you can build directly from them or use modify the SketchUp model to suit your needs and build from that.

All in all I find SketchUp to be a valuable tool for woodworking. It is easier to learn than even 2D CAD programs. With it you can create nice drawings to present to your client and use the same drawing to create the plans you’ll use in the shop to build the project.


One Response to “Meet Dave Richards…”

  1. Bruce Beatty on May 14th, 2012 12:41 pm

    Rick I just wanted to say Dave Richards has helped me out on numerous occasions when I’m stuck on an operation. He has never hesitated to help out and very promptly as well. His Sketchup tutorials are excellent and he has something on just about every topic. Great guy. Just do a search on Sketchup tutorials and his name will keep popping up.