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Show 103 synopsis by Bruce…

February 26, 2012 by  
Filed under Router Tips

I have decided to add Guest Writers to my blog and my first writer is Bruce Beatty. I am having him pick his favorite shows of the Router Workshop then write about what he has experienced while watching the show. Please note that this show also has a free box calculator, which is used to make custom material lists. Click here to see the calculator…

If you are interested in watching The Router Workshop then writing about what you have seen, email me… webmaster [at] routerworkshop.net FYI: [at] is replaced with @ thanks Rick

Join the Router Workshop membership and see all of the shows. There are a 183 shows that is delivered one new show every 7 days. Click here to join and get a 30% discount by using the coupon code in the sign up form…

Without further chatting here is Bruce’s synopsis…

Episode 103 (A Simple Box)

Hinge mortise setupAs part of the introduction series Bob and Rick discuss router safety and constructing a simple box. Using a table mounted router the old master (Bob) discusses the components of a simple box and joinery used to construct the same.

Bob demonstrates the proper fence to use, how to construct one for yourself and isolating the bearing on the route bit. He then demonstrate the proper mounting of the bit in the router and the easy method of setting bit heights and finding centre on your work piece. He also explains why you should use a brass bushing to take up excess space around your bit for safety sake as well as when you should be using a safety start pin.

Master Bob then routs the rabbits required to assemble your box using a simple homemade push-block and of course everything fits perfect. I wonder if there are any outtakes that we don’t see <grin>

Bob then proceeds to demonstrate a very unique and interesting way to cut the lid off the box and at the same time forming a lip that meshes with the bottom and completing a perfect six sided box for any variety of treasures.

I can’t forget to mention Bob’s fine adjusting tool that every woodworker shouldn’t be without.

Rick wraps things up with a review of the different setups for this project and safety precautions that should always be observed.

I find it totally amazing what these guys can do with a router: …. true craftsmen

Bruce (Wood Chuck)


One Response to “Show 103 synopsis by Bruce…”

  1. scrollwolf on February 26th, 2012 4:28 pm

    This is my favorite Router Workshop episode. Bob is truly a Master. He has the ability to break down seemingly complex tasks into understandable bite sized pieces. He and Rick truly make you want to, ” get your router out of the box!”

    Thank guys for making wood working even more fun!

    ScrollWolf (Jack)