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Descriptions of Jigs and Fixture E-Class…

February 22, 2012 by  
Filed under Router Tips

Well today we are going to give you all the basic description of each of the Jigs and Fixture lessons. Yes, instead of me rambling on about why you should buy this E-Class I have decided to get Bruce Beatty a fellow woodworker give me his first impressions of the entire course. Before we do that I want you to meet Bruce in his workshop.

Here is Bruce, a fellow woodworker

Hinge mortise setupMy name is Bruce Beatty I’m just a couple of years away from retirement from my position as Training Officer with our local fire department in Orangeville, Ontario. I’ve been woodworking as a serious hobbyist for about 12 years now. I’m married with three grown boys and now 3 grandchildren. I used to work out of a single car garage until 5 years ago when I built a free standing 24 x36 shop. I now have a shop full of equipment and spend most of my spare time there. As far as routers I have 2 Porter Cables, 1 Dewalt and a Ridgid palm router, with a Jessem router table top and a homemade base cabinet. There hasn’t been a project go by that didn’t involve router work at some point. I even built a horizontal router stand last year just to make my own moulding and trim. I would say the router would be my most used hand tool both in and out of the table. I’m also an avid Sketchup user and design most of the projects and jigs that I build. Sketchup to me is just another tool in the shop.

Here are Bruce’s Descriptions of the Jigs and Fixture E-Class,

I was fortunate enough to have Rick ask me for a brief synopsis of each of the new jig videos. So here goes:

Video 1: Feeler Gauge Principle.

Rick provides an explanation regarding brass setup bars, how and where to use them for a variety of applications. He also discusses wooden bit profiles and using wooden setup bars.

Video 2: Drilling Principles.

In this video Rick demonstrate drilling holes accurately with the router, creating your drilling pattern and the proper use of guide bushings. Rick also gives you pointers on what to look for in a good set of guide bushings.

Video 3: Left & Right

AS the title indicates Rick discusses creating a reversible pattern for making a left and right identical part.

Video 4: Indexing Principle

This video is all about creating a reliable accurate pattern, in a very simple jig so you can make repeatable holes where ever you may require them.

Video 5: Perfect Match

Rick demonstrates using your router to make perfectly aligned joints, with a variety of methods to produce the results you’re looking for.

Video 6: Using Screws

This video and Video 7 make the whole series worth the minimal investment. The video demonstrates how to make round tenons on the end of a board i.e. a rail. You will be amazed at how simple this jig is.

Video 7: On a Bevel

Video 7 is a continuation of video 6 but in much more detail. It also explains how to construct the jig for angled tenons or double tenons.

In summary for a cost of $2.00 a video you can’t go wrong.

Bruce (aka Wood Chuck)

Happy Woodworking.

Thanks Bruce…we just missed Lesson 8 which is showing the construction of a wood bending fixture. This is a simple fixture that is used to make wood bent project pieces…So with these descriptions from Bruce hopefully it will help you decide to join the Jigs and Fixture E-Class.

Click here to join the Jigs and Fixture E-Class…


2 Responses to “Descriptions of Jigs and Fixture E-Class…”

  1. Jim on February 22nd, 2012 9:25 pm

    I would like to thank Bruce, for the quick rundown on the content of each lesson, and Rick, for arranging it. After enrolling in the class,can we access the lessons at a later date, in case we missed a class, or feel the need to refresh our memory?

    If you are reading this post, and you are walking the fence on this program, I would suggest giving it a try. We need to make sure the the program continues, and we can do that by keeping the enrollment numbers up.
    Jim once paid you have access to the videos for the life of the website. There are no more charges ever and as the lessons are released you, 1 every 7 days for 49 days then you have them on your member’s page…hopefully this was helpful, Rick

  2. Larry Nagel on February 23rd, 2012 9:53 am

    I joined a couple of years ago and have access to the Router Workshop videos. The title says “speak your mind”. What you are describing in this fixture course are not videos. They are pictures like you would see in a book, and instead of there being a caption underneath, someone is explaining the picture. Although I am interested in getting a better understanding of how to make jigs, what you are offering just would not work for me. Even if it were free. Which it isn’t. With the thousands of videos being put out by individuals on thousands of websites, not even including “Youtube” I cannot understand why you can’t put a video together. Are they that expensive? I doubt that a lot of the useful videos I see on Youtube are being financied by thousands of dollars. I am sure not even close.
    So for me I would not even consider it.


    Larry Nagel
    Thanks for your comment Larry, as for the information not being useful because of the product being better as a home made video for youtube…wouldn’t do video without it being created professionally in a studio and trust me that costs real money.

    This project is not yet proven itself as viable and most likely will never be made in a professional studio. And it will never be back yard video as on Youtube. It is too bad that guys like Larry are missing the real point, content used to create Jigs and Fixtures.