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Watch the next episode…

February 14, 2012 by  
Filed under Router Tips

Watch the next episode…

Well today we are updating the website and releasing the second show of season one. Show 102 is about the linear dovetail joint and features the back end of our router table. To watch the show click on the blue frame below.

Router-1Next, here is a photo of the TRW Flash Drive, Limited Edition. We have purchased a limited edition of these FD and once they are sold we will not produce any more of this type.

If you are not interested in owning the High Res Videos but might be interested in owning a rare piece of the Router Workshop history then this is the time to purchase this offer.

This FD costs $35.00 plus shipping to your door and includes the first season of the Router Workshop at no charge.

What makes this season special..

This season was the first of fourteen seasons and we produced a total of 183 episodes. The Router Workshop was released July 1st, 1995 on many TV networks in North America and season one was the first on the market. Another bit of trivia, the first season is the only season with 14 shows, the rest of the series has 13 shows per season.

Click the button below to own a piece of TRW…

Here is the video…



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