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The first four are done…

January 4, 2012 by  
Filed under General Discussion

Welcome back to TRW 2012, we have now completed the first four months of the calendar. The links to the new calendar months can be found below.

The features of each month includes:

  1. A new caricature on the left side with router tip,
  2. The monthly calendar to the right,
  3. Above the calendar the logo and link to the official TRW website,
  4. Below the calendar is the audio tip and
  5. On the bottom the link to the Router Workshop membership.

The first link to the right is the, January Calendar 2012

The second link to the right is the, February Calendar 2012

The third link to the right is the, March Calendar 2012

The forth link to the right is the, April Calendar 2012

Please pass these PDF calendar’s around to interested people,

As with the January post I request you to do one thing and that is to pass the calendar around to all that might be interested in having a calendar from the Router Workshop, each new calendar has a new caricature with a new router tip. Hope you all enjoy our new router tip calendar for 2012.

Thanks to all who support US on the Internet…


3 Responses to “The first four are done…”

  1. Ray Carter on January 6th, 2012 3:55 pm

    Thanks for the calendar’s first 4 months, Rick. I reduced them to “Booklet Size” and I’ll be using them in my workshop.

    Great to hear, be sure to also pass them along to other woodworkers…Rick

  2. Jim on January 9th, 2012 4:33 pm

    I’m not sure how your cartoon characters relate to shop techniques, but I view this as time that could have been spent teaching earnest woodworking techniques and useful projects. I pay to learn new things, not to see how you spend your free time.
    Thanks for your comments Jim, I assume you are enjoying the paid side of the website and each week you are learning something new, right?

    As for the free side of the website I am focusing on the beginner 1) with short tips in the calendar, and 2) the new quiz concept on selected videos from the paid library…this is the start of new info for 2012…

    I am not interested and I think you would be blasting me as well if I was giving high level tips and techniques from the paid side to the free side of my blog.

    I am attempting to show the value of the paid information to those that need to learn something new about the router without giving the farm away.

    Again thanks for your comments Jim,


  3. Ray Carter on January 20th, 2012 7:21 pm

    Rick, I’m not trying to create controversy, but on January 9th, I got the impression that one of your viewers commented basically that he didn’t like you drawing cartoons and giving away FREE calendars.
    I’d be very insulted if anyone told me what I could and couldn’t do in my free time. I’d understand his concerns if you charged for these cartoons on the paid side of your website, but not on the free email side.
    If I misunderstood his intentions ( and I hope that I did), I apologize for my comments above, but if I didn’t ……….. “LIGHTEN UP”. Life’s too short to criticize someone who’s trying to present something different.
    I used to teach cartooning and I found that it was an excellent method to get information across to another. Often, a picture with a short caption will convey an idea faster and better than a written or spoken paragraph. Many people will retain a picture longer than a spoken word.


    Thanks Ray for your comments,

    I am just trying to lighten up the free side and get some of the beginners into the mood to use the router. As always on the paid side it will be all business, which means we will be giving quality weekly information about the may uses of the router. I have given the free side the first video of the series, which is directed towards the beginner and still has good information for the advanced user as well.

    Check it out,