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This is the kind of stuff that drives me

October 9, 2011 by  
Filed under Router Tips

This is the kind of stuff that drives me, to make these router tips. Thanks Clark for the support and encouragement you have given me via email I greatly appreciate the feedback.So if there is anyone else using some of our tips to create their projects…please comment I would love to hear from you…

Here is Clark’s photo and comments….

Hi RIck:

diagonaldadoJust looked at your last very easy tip. Thanks

I decided to use it to dress up the top of a box I was finishing.

Here is the results.The diagonals are acacia (1/2″ w x 1/4″ t) and the top is pine. Finish is linseed oil, wet sanded.



One Response to “This is the kind of stuff that drives me”

  1. Lou on October 27th, 2011 8:51 pm

    For the life of me I have yet to figure out how you do numerous things with a router?
    I have all the RWS series thru 1213, and have viewed them a number of times, and still do.
    (The local PBS [first in the Nation] determined no one was interested in the remainder of the Series, even though they admitted viewers requested same!!)
    Having had a router for years, I have no problem with edge routing, lap joints, slots for a drawer bottom, and the like.
    However when it comes to things like dovetail or finger joints, I have given up!!! After making scrap of several sets of premium material in attempts to come up with just one decent presentation box, no way!!
    Inlay would be desired also however at this time I cannot even see venturing in that direction.
    (After the first couple of attempts I thought it may have been my setup (Oak Park fences & bit), thus I obtained a separate plate dovetail jig. Makes nice dovetails, but not even close to fitting.)
    I have since purchased an E-Z-Pro Dovetail Jig, which I have not had the opportunity to really explore at this time.
    I am a part time hobby woodworker and a part time hobby machinist.
    I have absolutely no problem machining precise, to fine interference, tolerances using assorted metals/materials.
    Woodworking should not be that difficult!!
    A few years ago I gave away a ‘wanta-be’ Craftsman router for a real
    router, a Dewalt 625 – with actual useful features!!
    I then built an enclosed portable Table using an extra counter top, including fabricating a replacement faceplate for the 625.
    A few years ago I supplied a .pdf copy of the 625 Operator Manual to the Router Forums Manual thread. A couple months later it was replaced by someone else’s for some reason – same manual. I also supplied a detailed faceplate plan. Not sure if that remains or not? Maybe I didn’t have enough posts to satisfy someone?…
    Anyway, enjoyed the Show when it used to be aired!
    Thanks, Lou