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Christmas is just around the corner…

November 18, 2010 by  
Filed under Craft Paint Boxes

Well folks yes it is Christmas time and how I wonder how the time has breezed by without knowing what happened. This post is to help you remember that the handmade gifts are ones that are remembered most. So it is time for you to get into the shop and start creating quality handmade gifts for your relatives and friends.

Some suggestions that I can make is to make a series of boxes using either my Magic Box or my Inlaid Chest each of these comers with a online dynamic calculator which allows you to create any sized box quickly and easily. Click here to check out both of these plans and calculators! These boxes can be made of MDF and then painted plus maybe add a water slide decal of you and the family or just make them out of solid wood like Oak.

Good luck on the adventure of creating your own handmade products for this Christmas Season.


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