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Do you sell your hand made projects…

October 26, 2010 by  
Filed under Marketing Your Hobby

If you were interested in creating hand made items for friends and family then over the years everyone that have received one of your many projects is getting a bit overwhelmed. They are overloaded with wooden gifts from you for their birthday, other holidays and Christmas but you still want to create your projects and was thinking about selling your hobby pieces, maybe even thinking about doing woodworking as your profession.

If this is something that you have been thinking about then you need to click here to check out Etsy. This website is designed to buy/sell hand crafted items. Do you sell handmade products on Etsy? If not then you are missing out, last year, Etsy sold $180.6 million-worth of goods.

By April 2010, the number of items sold soared to a whopping 1.3 million. Be sure to check it out it is free to join for both the seller and the buyer.


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