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This is a got to have program…

November 19, 2009 by  
Filed under Craft Paint Boxes

So how does this fit into a router blog?

Well, if anyone is using the Internet to sell their woodworking creations then you really need a program that can cut out the background quickly and easily. If you sell things using Ebay or on your own website then being able to clear the background is a must.

You need to display your product with the least amount of background noise as possible. I have been playing around with this software “Play With Pictures” and have found bar-non this is the top of the pile best software going.

It can quickly cut out the unnecessary background very easily and it has a very low learning curve. As an example I have taken a photo of a set of hinges with screws on the coffee table then in less that 10 minutes I removed the background.

See the comparison photos below Left one, a set of hinges/screws without the background and Right one with the background. This is me a complete rookie with less than 2 hours experience with the program.

Folks, it can only gets better with practice.

To anyone that is interested…

I have purchased a series of License Keys that will give you discount of 15% off the $40.00 retail price.

To test just download the evaluation software and see for yourself. Here is the link to the FREE 15 day software download

If you agree then you can purchase it from me with the buy now button below. If you don’t see value yet, you should at the very least, try it…

License Key


One Response to “This is a got to have program…”

  1. Phil Daniels on November 19th, 2009 1:20 pm

    I loved the play with pictures program. it will save me a lot of time removing backgrounds.
    I just purchased it, but how do I get the license key? It doesn’t say anywhere what to do next to register the downloaded trial version.
    Phil Daniels
    p.s. I also signed up to your router Workshop.


    The license key is done manually by me so it might take a bit of time. It is not something set on autopilot, please be patient.

    As for the program I agree with you it is a way cool way to extract the unwanted backgrounds. I proved this by cutting around the screws in under 10 minutes. I consider myself a rookie and I know that it can only get better with practice.

    Regards, Rick