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Well today is the last public post on Painted Boxes…

November 13, 2009 by  
Filed under Craft Paint Boxes

Has anyone seen the possibilities that can be realized by combining your woodworking skills with access to customers at the next Craft Show. We have shown you the techniques that are a must to the creation of quality inventory.

Next we should talk about the logistics to the creation of your inventory. Here are a few questions that come to my mind.

1) How much and What inventory do you need to make for your first craft show?

My thoughts: Well if you knew the how much and what to make you would probably be better off buying the winning lottery ticket. The best answer to this is that you need to produce a wide variety of sample Painted Boxes. Then from the samples you can take orders and create/deliver after the show. If asked the reason why you don’t have a huge inventory? Your response is that you make custom sizes, colors with personalized decal of local themes.

2) How much of the inventory is unpainted?

My thoughts: With the unpainted you might just have a few common sizes available for purchase because the profit margin for unpainted without the wood decals is quite different than the finished products.

3) What are the most common sizes?

My thoughts: To answer this question you need to know the motivation of your customers. Why would they need a Painted Box? You need to use your sample painted boxes to help your customers begin to think outside the box and see the need to have one, two or ten boxes.

One possibility, purchase a common photo album from your local store and pitch the process of creating a photo album or a brag book of their family members. Your pitch is that by adding the painted box to the photo album it would just be the finishing touches to the perfect package for each of their families.

4) How many are painted and with a holiday theme decal?

My thoughts: Yes the one thing that is going to close the deal best is that you are using quality graphics of that special season. I must remind you that all your graphics need to be original art that you have the rights to use.

Caution: Don’t digitize the cool greeting cards you found at the greeting card store.

5) How many are painted and just waiting for the customized wood decals?

My thoughts: This is a good plan that will work perfectly for that special season. Travel around town and take cool photos of the Christmas decorated town hall or the featured Christmas tree. Get that perfect picture of the highlights of your local atmosphere. This is best taken at sunset or in the evening and it’s a photo of your lighted bridge, the town hall or the local museum. Make it anything local, every location has a cool tourist location that will be that perfect background. Best part is that this is original art created by you easily and quickly. Click here to see tips on Photo Composition:

That’s my thoughts on getting the right inventory for the Craft Show…

Now let’s recap: a) you have the product, b) the methods used to paint and place a graphic decal, c) ways to create original graphic backgrounds and d) the way to personalize each product.

Not sure this is the way to go yet!

Do a trial run or maybe two or three: Start by hosting a home party with your friends. Invite 3 or 4 of your best friends, hey make it a wine or cheese party.

Once this has been a success and I trust this will be a great success! Ask each of your friends to host their own party with 3 or 4 different friends. The more practice you have the better it will be at the Craft Show.

Preparation for this party is simple:

1) Create 5 or 6 different sample boxes each with a special theme. Have one painted box created for each of the invited friends without the completed decal.

2) Ask all invitees to bring a family photo.

3) Have your computer, scanner and printer set up to digitize their photos and add them to your background photos. You know the photos you took while traveling around town.

Please note: Make sure you are well practiced with the software “Play with Pictures”.

4) You ask your friends to help by getting them to add the wood decal to their box.

Please Note: You need know how to explain the process of placing the custom decals to the wood boxes.

That’s it for this post, thanks for now. Below is the plan and video to the painted boxes…


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