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How To Create Personal Graphics Quickly and Easily…

November 12, 2009 by  
Filed under Craft Paint Boxes

Well we are on the home stretch with our series of Posts on the Craft Show Project Idea. Today I want to talk about a really cool software program that can be used to quickly create personal graphics. With the water slide decal process these graphics can easily be placed on your custom made Paint Boxes.

So what’s the procedure to create a custom graphic wood decal for your custom paint boxes. The program we are talking about is Play with Pictures.

This program is designed to work as a five step process.

1) Load your custom canvas background into the program,

2) Load the family photo and remove a person or a group of people out of the background of a family photo.

3) Insert one or more cut out photos into the custom canvas background.

4) Add your custom text, bullet points and speech bubbles,

5) Save the project and print the color decal.

That’s it you’re done!!! You now have a custom digital graphic decal ready for your paint boxes in minutes with little effort.

Don’t believe me, here is the quick overview “How To Tutorial” which gives you the quick overview on how easy the Play with Pictures program is really.

A side note: Hey folks this video is me using the program for the second time so be easy on me.


To anyone that is interested…

I have purchased a series of License Keys that will give you discount of 15% off the $40.00 retail price.

To test just download the evaluation software and see for yourself. Here is the link to the FREE 15 day software download

If you agree then you can purchase it from me with the buy now button below. If you don’t see value yet, you should at the very least, try it…

License Key

For anyone interested here is the download of my sample graphic.

Here is a website with a collection of free backgrounds and textures.

Please Note: This program works great with both Mac and PC, sorry folks it doesn’t work with the 64 bit O/S system. That’s it for today’s post! Below is a recap of the past two posts about the Project for the Craft Sale…

Well To Recap about the last two posts:

In the first post, we talked about the tools needed to create the custom sized Paint Boxes. We have three tools:

a) The PDF plan to the Magic Boxes in episode 103,

b) The TRW Episode 103 Video Program talks about the construction process,

c) The free dynamic calculator to customizing the materials lists.

In the Second Post: We talked about a simple decal producing process to print specific graphics and apply those graphics on the custom made Paint Boxes. We talked about the following:

a) A description of what a water-slide wood decal is and how to use it,

b) A step by step instruction process of how to paint your custom made boxes,

c) Talked about the process used to purchase and use scrap book graphics on your Paint Boxes.

Well that’s it folks, hopefully you see this information as an asset and something you could use as a part of creating your series of fine Painted Boxes. If some of you have photos of your Painted Boxes we would be interested in seeing your work.


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