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The above video talks about the different categories of Router’s and each of the features. This video is a part of the Router Workshop Series that is jammed packed with hundreds of tips and techniques.

Interested in getting your router out of the box…

Looking to do more projects, joinery, and pattern work…

Want to put the router’s touch of craftsmanship in every project you make…

Watch the Router Workshop Video Series…

Bob and Rick are committed to showing all of their secrets used to help you succeed with the router. Did you ever dream you could make wood joinery that easy with your router? Watch scheduled episodes of the Router Workshop with your Router Enthusiast membership. Watch this next video tip.


As a Router Enthusiast Member you receive one new episode of the Router Workshop ever 7 days that’s an router tip action packed 30 minute “How To” video once ever 7 days. Once a video has been released to you, you have unlimited access to that video. You can play them as many times as you want whenever you want.


This series is devoted to the many uses of the Router, which will give you the tools you need to make the router output quality wood joints guaranteed. Don’t take my word see what others are saying about the video series.

I just discovered “the Router Workshop” program and LOVED IT!!!

I am a novice woodworker and am more than a little daunted by the cost of putting together a workshop full of expensive equipment for specialized uses (jointer, planner hollow-chisle mortiser, etc…)

This program has shown me that projects that I only dreamed about are within the capabilities of my modest workshop. Keep up the good work!!!

Cynthia de Figueiredo

See sample play by play tip below…

Once a week you will receive an episode of the Router Workshop. Occasionally we will also include router tips with photos and commentary. This allows you to get a closer insight on each step of the tips. We are now able to add techniques and tricks that make working with the router that much easier. This information is going to be laid out step by step including a play-by-play video.

Gentlemen, Today was the second time I’ve watched your show. I didn’t know it was in existence.

What a wonderful awakening to discover that after attending four large woodworking shows that it’s not necessary to buy a whole inventory of hundred dollar complex jigs to perform the wonderful craftsmanship.

You as a father and son team create fascinatingly simple techniques. I have a new 3 hp. plunge router used only once to round over some edges. If I copy your ideas and techniques, I can throw out some of the stuff from the shows and really get busy enjoying the router.

Sincerely, Ken Karlene

10 Ideas on how to use your router!!

  • Molding table edges with a compound molding.
  • To make professional looking box joints.
  • As a jointer to taper, joint and make the leg effect.
  • From one pattern to many projects.
  • Instant inlays into your favorite project.
  • Make a table as easy as 1,2,3…
  • Quickly made raised panel doors.
  • Linear dovetails in minutes, perfect every time.
  • Fancy circle work, precise cutting.
  • Quickly make project jigs and fixtures.
  • I really enjoy watching the Router Workshop whenever I can. I thought I knew all about what a router could do! Guess Not, I learn useful ideas from every show even if I don’t make the specific project.

    Keep up the good program!

    Rodger Sherron

The list goes on and on…

We have done all day seminars showing hundreds of techniques to thousands of people and never touched on the same topic twice throughout the day. We have over 180-30 minute episodes of the Router Workshop. Each episode discusses topics on how to use the router.

  • Direction of feed,
  • Quick set up techniques,
  • Feed speed and spindle speed,
  • Discuss our 10 favorite forming bits,
  • Show how to make 5 joints in less than 10 minutes,
  • Easy techniques to finding center,
  • Best practices when cutting irregular shapes,
You guys are Great!!

I love the show, you make everything simple plain straight to the point. Not like a lot of these shows that show you half of what you need.

Thanks again, I’ll be watching and trying your techniques.

Robert Bobd

Get your router out of the box and start making quality projects with quality joinery. Bob and Rick have been showing people how to use the router for over 25 years. Let their experience help you get up to speed quickly.

See what others are saying about the Router Workshop:

I’ve had a Sears router in the garage for years and have never had proper instruction on its use, but after a couple more episodes I’ll be ready to dust it off and give it a try.

The two of you are the most precise teachers to hit the TV airways in a long time. It reminds me of some of my old high school shop classes. I will be an enthusiastic viewer and student.

Bran F. Lakes
I have to say that this is an excellent show. The projects are manageable and provide the techniques for larger projects. The demostrations do not leave any detail out, allowing me to really learn from an half hour show.

Again, I can’t say enough about how good I think this show is.

Vince Scarpelli
I really enjoy your show!

Your workshop is more typical of the average home do-it-yourself shop than the other woodworking shows.

I learn more from your show because of the limited number of tools and attachments used in your projects. Like many of your viewers I have a limited budget to purchase equipment. This makes me improvise more to complete the task at hand.

Odell Flener
I just started watching your show. I am very impressed by the detail you’re able to cover in such a short time. I would love to see all your episodes.

Thanks for your efforts and I hope the Router Workshop remains on the air for a long time to come.

Tom W.

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